Medical Doctor recounts his experience with ghost

Medical Doctor recounts his experience with ghost

A Nigerian medical doctor has taken to social media to recount his bewildering experience with a ghost.


According to the medical doctor whose username is @Maxvayshia on the microblogging site, Twitter, he revealed that he saw a ghost when he paid his friend a visit.


He explained that he slept over at a colleague’s house last month and at about 10:35 pm, he heard the colleague’s dog bark and there was also noise at the gate.


The doctor said he went outside then and saw a male figure standing in the shadows.


He claimed that the figure “just faded” when he tried to walk towards it.


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After he shared his story, others began sharing their encounters with ghosts too, but some doubted the stories and said there must be a rational explanation for it.

Read what he wrote on Twitter;

“I slept over at a colleague’s place last month.

At about 10:35 pm, I heard his dog bark and a little noise at the gate. Went out to check and saw a male figure in the shadows staring directly at me but not replying my “who’s there?”.

Before I could walk up to him after a few steps”



Continue reading what he wrote;

He just faded.

Didn’t see him again. Searched EVERYWHERE but found just breeze and silence with a few leaves floating in the air.

My guy asked who was there, I told him it was just a passer-by, but Morphasah was still barking.

I understood what just happened and kept quiet…”


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