Medical expert raises alarm on increasing cases of fibroid

Medical expert raises alarm on increasing cases of fibroid

A Lagos-based medical expert, Dr. Benjamin Olowojebutu, has raised alarm on increasing cases of fibroid among women. He disclosed to 1stNews that the percentage of women with fibroid in Nigeria tend to be high and increasing. Olowojebutu is a surgeon in Nigeria; and he offers free healthcare services to women with fibroid across the country.

For example – uterine fibroids, that is benign tumors that originate in the uterus (womb). Although they are composed of the same smooth muscle fibers as the uterine wall (myometrium), they are much denser than normal myometrium.

Traditionally, uterine fibroids which cause heavy bleeding, painful periods and pelvic pain were usually treated with hysterectomy. But recently, a new procedure was discovered in the US. It is known as Acessa Pro-Vu.

Acessa Pro-Vu is a new treatment that allows patients to get their fibroids removed; and then go home the same day.


Percentage of women with fibroid in Nigeria

“Four out of ten women in Nigeria are suffering from fibroid tumor. More so, the age range of 35 and 50 years are also a part of the percentage,” Olowojebutu disclosed.


The surgeon explained that those who are mostly at risk of the tumor are women with obesity; and those with a family history.

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“The chances of conception with a woman with fibroid are high because one of the major causes of infertility in Africa is Uterine Fibroids,” he noted.


He said a lot it myths and superstitious beliefs had affected loads of women. Also fund is another major challenge because cost of the surgery is very expensive.


The founder of a health non-profitable organisation that specialises in the surgery of fibroid removal in Nigeria shared his experience which led to his free healthcare service and surgery for women.

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“I had a ghastly accident two years ago while I was going home and this drunken driver ran into my car. He crushed my car and broke my right leg in three places. I was rushed to a big teaching hospital in Lagos; but I was left on the floor for more than 3 hours, no one attended to me even as a doctor.


“Then in the midst of the pain and tears, I got a divine instruction; I was to use my pain to the healthcare space of poor and indigent people. If I, as a doctor, could have gone through this ordeal, what about those in the rural communities?”


Dr. Olowojebutu revealed that his foundation had carried out over 1,500 successful free surgeries; all those in nine states across Nigeria.

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The surgeon called on government for quick intervention in the healthcare services in the country.


“I would like to call for more awareness on the part of all stakeholders in the health sector. Also, the government should help with funding to support women for the surgery.


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Dr. Olowojebutu added that women who fall under the risk factors should seek help on time; warning that herbal mixture shrinks fibroid tumor.”


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