Meet Chibuike Ejiogu, 17-yr-old aspiring health tech guru

Meet Chibuike Ejiogu, 17-yr-old aspiring health tech guru

Chibuike Ejiogu is one of Nigeria’s young aspiring scholars who has the mandate of contributing his knowledge, expertise and wealth in the education and health sectors of his fatherland. In an exclusive interview with the Imo state champ, Chibuike told 1STNEWS’ Olanike Akinrimisi, that his scholarship to study in the USA won’t stop him from returning to Nigeria and make the change…Excerpts…

A journey into Chibuike’s educational background

I know full well that I am relatively quite young but so far there are three factors that have contributed to my success.  First of all,  the basic education that I received at home was all- inclusive and most importantly, it built and strengthened some of the ideas and beliefs that have brought me to where I am today,  especially with regards to spirituality.

My education there was critical to my success today as from an early stage. I was exposed to an environment where healthy competition thrived academically as well as in extra-curricular activities. More importantly, my primary school education prepared me and availed me the opportunity to study at a world-class secondary school, where I was awarded a 6-year scholarship.

Career pursuit begins

I discovered Dartmouth College while in my 12th grade.  It was one of the eight Ivy League universities in the world as well as one of the world’s most selective colleges. I decided that for my undergraduate education, I would best thrive at this Ivy League university for multiple reasons.

First, the population of the college was the least of the eight Ivy League schools and it’s located in a relatively quiet state in the US, New Hampshire. In addition to this is the fact that it has one of the very best liberal arts curricula in the world as well as the fact that she offers an all-encompassing undergraduate experience. So, I applied to this college and though it was a long shot, I was admitted.

International scholarship

With regards to the scholarship, the system is such that upon demonstration of academic prowess and exhibition of rare personality, admission guarantees a substantial amount scholarship once applied for. So, I demonstrated the aforementioned qualities and consequently was awarded the scholarship when I applied for it.

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Values and Ambitions

I’m driven by the desire to help people in two all-important areas: education and health. An educated individual is an asset to the society in the sense that for the most part, he would not be a constituent of disorganization, vices, et cetera and he would most likely proffer solutions to whatever problems surrounding him. And for someone to be maximally productive, he/she has to be in good health as one is more or less effectively paralyzed by poor health.

Chibuike’s goals

I have my long term goals set and I know what I want to ultimately achieve. How to get to it, I have narrowed down my options to two fields of study that is for the purpose of undergraduate level: economics and biological sciences. I am, as of now brainstorming and giving what I definitely what to settle on, critical and serious thoughts so I would not be able to give you a 100% answer on that as of now.  However, do know that I would most likely pursue a career in one of the aforementioned fields of study.

The impact I want to make

Nigeria has the potential to grow. The most feasible way of making impact in Nigeria would be to partner with multiple private companies and individuals with like minds in order to acquire the finances to be able to sponsor free quality education, health care and entrepreneurial education.

Returning to my fatherland

While it may seem like the stereotypical thing to do:  study and remain in the US,  I do intend to return to Nigeria, not because it is said that there’s no place like home (because the definition of home is relative) but because I ultimately actually want to make an impact in my country and alleviate its inhabitants from suffering to any level that I can.

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Five to ten years plan

In the next 5-10 years, I practically see myself at a round  table, rubbing minds with like minds,  discussing on multiple issues that affect world education,  health and of course, business.

Any Role Model or Mentor?

I hope it’s not so surprising but as of now, I have no role model. This is because I’m generally my own person and partly because I haven’t given the idea of having a role model, much thought.  My mentor is my mother Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Ejiogu because the cores of my success lie in the principles that she raised me with.

I additionally want to say that all the answers for my future, that I have so far given are according to the plans and level of exposure I have so far known and while they most likely wouldn’t change,  I’m open to new ideas and constructive perspectives that additional exposure and experiences have to offer.


During my free time, I try to sleep because I’m almost never free.  Other times, I watch TV, surf the web, sing, and I watch the news.

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