Why men behave the way they do

Why men behave the way they do

Let’s face it: Men aren’t always on the same page as women.

Though the brains of both sexes are more alike than different, there are small wiring differences.

In her book, “The Male Brain,” neuropsychiatrist Dr. Louann Brizendine explores those differences to explain why some men act the way they do. “The male brain reads emotions very quickly and then, though, shuts it down very quickly behind the mask of masculinity,” Brizendine told NBC’S Maria Shriver as part of TODAY’s special series, “Brain Power Today.”

Members of The ManKind Project, a national support group that helps men learn how to share their feelings, know it all too well.

“I don’t think emotion was a word I used growing up,” one man said. “I never really learned until I joined this group of men that it was safe enough to let that armor go, and in doing that, could somehow become more of a man myself,” added another.

Studies show male brains often are wired to be “emotional fixers” in relationships. Read more 

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