Mercy Aigbe urges estranged husband to sign divorce papers

Mercy Aigbe urges estranged husband to sign divorce papers

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has urged her estranged husband, Lanre Gentry to sign divorce papers, so they can officially dissolve their marriage.


In a recent interview session followed by 1st News, Mercy Aigbe spoke indepthly about the ongoing feud with her former partner and the father of her son. Recall the duo were engaged in a fierce altercation on Father’s Day.


Aigbe’s estranged husband, Lanre Gentry spoke in a recent interview where he revealed that he has nothing against the actress.


The actress has come out to urge Gentry to bring the marriage to an official close.


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The livid actress stated during the session;


“I want to react to some of the things that he said.

Some of the things he said in the interview was that when I was with him, he was paying my daughter’s school fees; that is a big lie. I am going to use this medium to challenge him to show proof.

I have proof; Yes, I paid my daughter’s school fees when I was with him.”


She also maintained that her estranged husband is a deadbeat father.


Mercy Aigbe had this to say;

He is. That is who he is.

He is a ‘dead beat’ dad in capital letters.

As a matter of fact, he is.

So, he should not come and claim some things.

These are things that can be found out because the school is there.

Anybody can find these things out so he should stop lying”


In the latter part of the session, the actress urged Lanre Gentry to sign divorce papers so they can go their separate ways.


She had this to say;

Quote me, Lanre Gentry is a pathetic liar, he is an unrepentant liar.

Does he think people are dumb?

How is it possible for me to take him to five courts?

How? Why did we go to five courts?


She stated in conclusion;


Please, everyone should appeal to him to sign the divorce papers.

He has even refused to accept them.

We are still married and not yet divorced.

The divorce is not yet finalised.

Maybe I should use this medium to appeal; you guys should help me beg him to let me go.”

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