Michelle Obama says Trump is the ‘wrong president for our country’

Michelle Obama says Trump is the ‘wrong president for our country’


Former first lady Michelle Obama delivered a powerful rebuke of President Donald Trump in a 19-minute speech that declared him unfit for the job and encouraged people to vote as if their lives depended on it. 


She capped the first day of speeches, songs and videos spanned 50 states and seven territories for a virtual Democratic National Convention; by saying the presidential election would reveal who we are as a country.


“Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country,” Obama said.


“He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. And cannot meet this moment.


He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is.”



Michelle Obama says Trump is the 'wrong president for our country'



She said voters must support Biden with overwhelming support, to prevent a corruption of the results.


“We’ve got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it,” added Obama, whose necklace spelled out “vote.”


Obama noted that more than 150,000 Americans have died in the pandemic,.


That the economy is in shambles that left millions jobless and she said Trump downplayed the crisis for too long.


But she said Trump isn’t qualified for the job because it is hard and requires clear-headed judgment; a devotion to facts and history, a moral compass, with an ability to listen.


“You simply cannot fake your way through this job,” Obama said.


Racial justice protests erupted nationwide after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.


Obama noted that his death and the message that Black lives matter was met with derision, while children watch in horror.


“That’s not just disappointing, but downright infuriating,” Obama said.


“They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages, and

pepper spray and rubber bullets are used on peaceful protestors for a photo-op.”


When she urges supporters to go high rather than low, Obama said that means avoiding dehumanizing and degrading tactics; but doesn’t “mean putting on a smile and saying nice things when confronted H2by viciousness and cruelty.”



Going high means taking the harder path. It means scraping and clawing our way to that mountain top,” Obama said.


“Going high means standing fierce against hatred while remembering that we are one nation under God, and if we want to survive; we’ve got to find a way to live together and work together across our differences.”


She encouraged voters to support Biden as a profoundly decent man who is guided by faith and is empathetic with the people he represents.


“He will tell the truth and trust science,” Obama said.


“His life is a testament to getting back up, and he is going to channel that same grit and passion to pick us all up, to help us heal and guide us forward.”

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Michelle Obama says Trump is the 'wrong president for our country'


Sanders encourages supporters to back Biden

Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered an impassioned plea Monday for his supporters to back Joe Biden for the president in November; a key address Democrats hope will help unite a party that has been divided in the past between liberals and centrists.


“Our campaign ended several months ago but our movement continues and is getting stronger every day,” Sanders said, standing in front of a backdrop of chopped firewood.


“If Donald Trump is reelected, all the progress that we have made will be in jeopardy.”


Sanders noted that Biden supports raising the minimum wage; unionizing workers and transitioning the nation to clean power over the next five decades.


Sanders’ remarks were among the most important at the first night of the Democratic National Convention; intended to signal a bridge between the left and also centrist wings of the party.


Some Sanders voters were miffed at Hillary Clinton’s nomination in 2016 and Biden as well as Sanders have sought to avoid a similar split this year.









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