Microsoft Edge now supports website sharing via QR codes

Microsoft Edge now supports website sharing via QR codes

MICROSOFT EDGE: Recently, Google released Chrome 88 update for everyone; that included the much-awaited website sharing via QR codes. The feature first showed up on Chromium Gerrit in 2020 and has been in works since then.


Now, Microsoft has also released a new update that enables QR codes on Edge Canary. The feature is enabled by default in Canary; but is hidden under flags on the stable build. If you are using the stable build of Microsoft Edge then you can follow the steps below to enable it:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and type “edge://flags” (without quotes) in the address bar
  • Type “Enable sharing page via QR Code” (without quotes) in the search bar
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select ‘Enabled’
  • Relaunch the browser

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Once the browser is relaunched, you can go to any website; and click on the QR Code option on the address bar to generate a code. You can also right-click on the webpage and select “Create QR code for this page” to generate a QR code. If you want to share the QR code, then you can simply click on the ‘Download’ button to download; and share the code as an image.


The feature is currently available on Microsoft Edge version 88 and above. Edge Canary users, on the other hand, will have the feature enabled by default; so they can simply generate the QR code from the address bar or by right-clicking on the webpage.


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