Microsoft now disclosing pay for all jobs

Microsoft now disclosing pay for all jobs

 Microsoft  has  start publishing listing the pay ranges for all jobs advertised at the tech giant in the United States.

This was made known by the  company on Thursday.

Several years now, the company prohibited its interviewers from asking applicants their salary history, since 2014 it’s reported annually on its equal pay data.

“Today we’re announcing another best practice with our commitment to publicly disclose salary ranges in all of our internal and external job postings across the US, beginning no later than January 2023,” Microsoft said in a blog post.


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Expanding on this pay transparency was part of four employee-environment changes unveiled by Microsoft on Thursday.


The other three are:

  • Removing noncompetition clauses from its US employee agreements; not enforcing existing noncompete clauses from today (except for its senior leadership team).
  • Removing confidentiality language prohibiting Microsoft workers from disclosing alleged discrimination; harassment, retaliation, sexual assault or wage and hour violations.
  • Conducting a civil rights audit on the business



In other news, just a few days back we learned that Intel was already beginning to add software support for its 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs.


This means the motherboard socket and other accompanying platform hardware for Meteor Lake is also being worked on and according to a new report; courtesy of Benchlife; Intel is preparing a new socket for its 14th Meteor Lake-S and 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S desktop processors.


Also, the new socket is dubbed “LGA1815”; which is likely based on the pin-count of it.


As you can see in the image above; the size of the next-gen Socket LGA1851 is apparently going to be the same as the current LGA1700 and it will be interesting; especially to see how Intel designs around some of the processor bending issues that have been reported on LGA1700 motherboards.


Interestingly another report a couple of days back from YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID) had suggested; LGA2551 would be the accompanying Meteor Lake-S socket. But the pin count jump over LGA1700 certainly seemed a little off and the new purported LGA1851; seems to make a bit more sense.

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