Microsoft rolls out Graphite Grey Surface Earbuds

Microsoft rolls out Graphite Grey Surface Earbuds

Microsoft today announced price and availability for the Surface Duo, its dual-screen, productivity-focused Android smartphone, which is arriving on September 10. Alongside the new phone, Microsoft has also announced a new color – Graphite Grey – for the Surface Earbuds, which launched earlier this year.

The new color is arriving on the same day as the Surface Duo; but curiously, it isn’t meant to match that device. The Duo is launching in a single color, Glacier; which is the same color that the Surface Earbuds are already available in. The new Graphite Grey variant should be interesting if you prefer a darker color; but at that point you might also want a darker variant of the Duo, which doesn’t exist.

Aside from the color, everything about the Surface Earbuds should be the same. They feature integration with Office 365; and touch controls that can be used to play and pause music. Microsoft claims up to 24 hours of battery life when paired with the charging case; and there are two microphones on each earbud to make it easier to pick up the user’s voice.

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