Microsoft tests a limited VPN for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft tests a limited VPN for Microsoft Edge



Microsoft is apparently getting into the VPN game, too, with the Microsoft Edge Secure Network.


According to a support page on Microsoft’s site, Microsoft is previewing the Microsoft Edge Secure Network; a service that sends your data through an encrypted tunnel to secure your browsing session.


The service is powered by Cloudflare, the page says.

Keep in mind that what you may use a VPN for and what the Edge Secure network is intended for may differ.


Our list of best VPNs includes services that are optimized for anonymity, speed, and tunneling your browsing into a different country so that you can watch foreign streaming services.


The Edge Secure Network seems to be designed to merely encrypt your data; protecting it from being slurped up during a public Wi-Fi session.


The Edge Secure Network is designed to keep your location private and prevent online tracking; but isn’t intended to fool a remote server into thinking you’re working abroad. The browser will collect a “limited” amount of data to access the service, which Cloudflare will delete at the end of each month.

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