Edge browser for former Internet Explorer users

Edge browser for former Internet Explorer users

Microsoft has disclosed that it will be redirecting users to its new chromium edge browser. A post on Microsoft’s page reveals that the transition will start from the third week of November. The change will begin when Microsoft Edge’s new version (version 87) rolls out. 

It will apply to a list of over 1,156 websites, including many high traffic pages.

Some of these pages include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Some Google services, Microsoft’s Teams, and other big brands are also included in the list

This Znet video below shows what the transition will look like.

For quite some time, Microsoft has slowly but surely attempted to move users from Internet explorer. Recently, Microsoft force-fed the new Edge browser to users through an automatic Windows update.

As at the time, many users expressed their dissatisfaction via some angry tweets. 

Meanwhile, Facebook’s Dark Mode is coming to iPhone and Android.

When you consider the fact that the Facebook website has a dark mode option – and even the data-saving Facebook Lite mobile app has it – it’s more than a little surprising that the iOS and Android app does not offer the same.

Well, this is about to change. Facebook is now publicly testing a dark mode feature in its official mobile apps – here’s what you need to know.

Although Facebook has not – yet – made an official announcement about the new dark mode option, news of its availability comes from a very reliable source. Serial leaker and app reverse engineerer Jane Manchun Wong shared the news along with a video made in collaboration with Facebook’s tech comms manager Alexandru Voica.

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