Mike Bamiloye explains spiritual implications of domestic violence

Mike Bamiloye explains spiritual implications of domestic violence

Nigerian preacher and gospel movie filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye has explained why husbands and wives should never engage in domestic violence.


The Christian filmmaker said any man who hits his wife deserves a place in a psychiatric hospital and a wife who hits her husband is a living dead.


According to the Christian moviemaker, domestic violence is heinous to the growth of the family.


Read what Mike Bamiloye shared;

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Mike Bamiloye who came into limelight in the mid-90s mentioned that Nollywood is dangerous to the soul.

In another lengthy post,  the Christian thespian revealed that religious drama is all about preaching Christ; and also spreading the gospel.

He stated that Christian drama is all about promoting the gospel and not for mere entertainment.

Here is what he wrote on Instagram.


”Listen to Me, People.

”Read my Note and Read my Lips.

”The Glory of the Lord is moving Already in Gospel Movie Productions.

”There is no value the Nollywood Artistes are coming to add to the Gospel Movie productions. Souls are getting saved and Lives are getting touched.

”And the Church is getting Edified.

”People are getting happier with the result of Gospel Movie Productions and we are satisfied with these Testimonies.

”Our Influence has gone far beyond the shores of Nigeria and all over Europe as well as America. The people know the difference Between the Gospel movies and the Nollywood movies.

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