Mike Bamiloye says homosexuals caused COVID-19

Mike Bamiloye says homosexuals caused COVID-19

On the social media platform, Twitter, meanwhile, Christians across the globe are seeking redemption with God via the hashtag, #WeAreSorryChallenge; Mike Bamiloye has joined in the trend.


Mike Bamiloye, the founder of Christian movie production company, Mount Zion Movies; in his #WeAreSorryChallenge post blamed homosexuals; as well as other members of the LGBT society for instigating God’s wrath on the earth.


According to the actor and also preacher, homosexuals are the core perpetrators of the pandemic coronavirus.


Further, Mike admonished sinners to give their lives to Christ.


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Joining the challenge, Bamiloye wrote:

“#WeAreSorryChallenge Have mercy O Lord. Gender transplant; gay marriages; massive corruption. We are sorry Lord; see where our stupidity has led us to.”



The #WeAreSorryChallenge trend was started by Olumide Oki who also wrote:

“Lord, we are sorry.

We are sorry for all the Evils.

We are sorry for all our stupidity.


The other day, I heard a teenager did family planning because that would make her be free from the fear of pregnancy. 

Lord, we are sorry!

Many in my generation now engage in lots of sexually immoral acts.

Young ladies now insert a different kind of materials into their private parts just to satisfy their sexual immoral acts.

Young guys and ladies now masturbate like they are drinking water.

Lord, we are sorry!

It is no longer news that incest is the order of the day. Lord, we are sorry!

Father now engaging in sexually immoral acts with her daughter.

Son now having sex with her mother. Lord, we are sorry!

A 16-year old boy getting married to a 46-year old woman.

A-14-year-old girl getting married to the a-54-year-old man. Lord, we are sorry!”

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