Mike Edwards unveils 6-packs ebook

Mike Edwards unveils 6-packs ebook

Mike Edwards has unveiled his Ebook on how to develop 6-packs abs.


In the eBook, the reality TV star reveals his secrets on how he keeps his six packs abs. This is to help everyone interested in maintaining a healthy six packs abs.


Taking to Twitter, the new father of one wrote:

“Guess what! My Six-Pack Abs ebook is finally available!! I’ve been working tirelessly to put together a kick ass program to help you guys achieve your fitness goals. I’ll share my secrets on how I keep my six packs abs shredded on a Budweiser diet.” 


Check out excerpts from the book below.

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A couple of months ago, Mike Edwards lectured men on how to be faithful.


Mike came out to address the issue of infidelity; as well as an extramarital affair in relationships.



The housemate who shared a photo of himself and his wife also hinted that it’s been a year that they’ve been married to each other.


In his post, he likewise hinted that many people had asked him how he stays faithful to his wife; and it was high time he gave an answer.


Read what Mike Edwards wrote:

How do you stay faithful?

I get asked this question a lot lately and despite the obvious reason for falling in love with the most incredible woman whom I get to call wife @itspsd . I figure I’d write my answer here for what it’s worth.

Well, my answer has strengthened no weakness. A man with no self-discipline will fall weak and lead astray; having the discipline and respect for yourself and significant other becomes a habit; and with time habit becomes second nature.

I would also say that sacrifice is a vital part of what has helped me.

The key is you have to be able to sacrifice who you are, (ex. old habits) for who you’ll become; don’t be afraid of taking the road less travelled in the process. Hint: Find yourself spiritually. ??

Lastly, your environment.

I believe in the saying you are the company you keep.

My advice is to surround yourself with people who have similar standards and family values as you.

Simple ❤️”

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