Mike Tyson admits usage of baby’s urine in fake penis to beat dope tests

Mike Tyson admits usage of baby’s urine in fake penis to beat dope tests

Boxing great Mike Tyson is revealing he used his ex-wife and baby’s urine along with a fake penis to beat drug tests during the heyday of his heavyweight reign.

Mike Tyson, 54, — who is making a comeback of sorts — admitted that he recruited family members to use their urine to deliver clean pee.

Tyson said he used a contraption called the Whizzinator to deliver urine samples to boxing officials. The device is effectively a strap-on prosthetic penis.

On his popular Hotboxin’ podcast, the Brooklyn-born fighter extolled the Whizzinator’s virtues.

Attached is a bag that can be filled with liquid. The cheating fighter then squeezes the bag with his thighs and its contents go into the cup.

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Mike Tyson further admitted to using former wife Monica Turner’s urine. But he worried he’d be caught and so he used his daughter’s instead.

“It was awesome, man. I put my baby’s urine in it. And sometimes, one time I was using my wife’s and my wife was like: ‘Baby, you better not hope that it comes back pregnant or something,’” the champ said.

“And I said, ‘nah, we ain’t gonna use you any more, we’re gonna use the kid. Cuz I got scared that the p*** might come back pregnant. That was what I was afraid of! I guess I heard of this happening because I was afraid of that.”

The heavyweight icon revealed that he had employed the device in order to pass the required drug tests for his July 2000 bout with Lou Savarese in Scotland, which Tyson won by stoppage in just 38 seconds.

Mike Tyson, now a cannabis entrepreneur and elder statesman of the sweet science, had previously confessed to using marijuana and cocaine at the peak of his career.

Tyson is back in the gym preparing for an exhibition tilt with Roy Jones Jr. and has mused about a rematch with arch-rival Evander Holyfield.

“That’s always something that we can do if the people want it, if it’s pragmatic enough, I’d love to do it,” Tyson said on the podcast.

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