Mofe Duncan condemns trolling of celebrities

Mofe Duncan condemns trolling of celebrities

Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan has stated that celebrities are humans too.


The talented thespian has taken to social media to speak up against the bullying of celebrities by online trolls.


According to Mofe Duncan, celebrities are humans even though some people think they are not. He added that they also have family members and friends who are also humans.


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Mofe Duncan wrote;

We are only human.

Even if some think we are not,
we have family members and friends who definitely are.
And they bleed just as red. 
 #SayNoToCyberBullying • #StopCyberBullying • #CelebritiesAreHuman”


A couple of days ago, Duncan’s colleague, Lilian Afegbai admonished men who have nothing to offer to desist from making friends with her.



She stated that she only wants men who will add value to her life and not just request sex.


According to her, sex is overrated; also, if that is all men have to offer, they should keep it to themselves.


“Don’t come around me if you don’t have your shit together.

”If I wasn’t looking good and working hard to take care of myself, you won’t want me,” she wrote.

“So if you are not coming to add value to my life and career, take several seats.

”Sex is overrated. If that is all you have to offer then keep it to yourself.

“We are getting older and wiser. Women are doing so much more that sometimes I ask myself ‘You can do better.’

So don’t come to my space if you not going to add value.”

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