Moonchild Sanelly: Bisexuals better than heterosexual men in bed’

Moonchild Sanelly: Bisexuals better than heterosexual men in bed’

South African recording artiste, Moonchild Sanelly who is known to be passionate about stirring up controversial topics has instigated a new episode on social media.


Twitter was sent agog with the singer’s claim of bisexual men giving better sexual experience than straight “rigid” men.


Moonchild tweeted;

Can bisexual men just own it! Because lies are very saddening!

I don’t know if you know that there’s plenty of girls who love to have fun with bisexual boys coz’ straight boys be straight up unskilled with some sex things!

“Bisexual boys f*** better than straight rigid boys! Girls, don’t say I never plugged you to real sex!”


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In other news, Nollywood actor, Uzee Usman has taken to social media to urge his followers never to trust their secrets with another person.


He stated that it is important to keep one’s pain inside and desist from telling others about it.


He made this statement in a Twitter post during the early hours of Wednesday, May 5.


Here is what he wrote;

Stop sharing your pain with everyone & never on social media.

There are many who would be happy to see you in pain.

Be mindful who you allow into your circle.

Not everyone is there for your healing. Some will even pray against you. Take your pain to the Almighty, your Healer!”

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