Mr. Governor, oya clap for yourself – Ella Temisan

Mr. Governor, oya clap for yourself – Ella Temisan



I have some time for Mr. Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu today.



Hey 90s kids, remember when our mothers will ask you to clap for yourself after you have done something very foolish? They would look at you fumble. Then with all the sarcasm of generations past, ask you to clap for yourself. If you’re not their child, you will clap but if you know you know.



My able Mr. Governor, Sir, please clap for yourself. You have done well.



When the judicial panel report on the #EndSARS debacle was delivered after almost a year of show-and-tell; we were relieved. The report confirmed what we already knew but it felt good to see the acknowledgement in black and white. The panel even went as far as closing the report with some well-meaning recommendations.



I said that what they asked the government to do in reparation is simple if they would cast pride aside. That’s a tall order. But isn’t that always the case with what is right?


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Mr. Governor, oya clap for yourself - Ella Temisan


Anyway, I was waiting to see the government’s reaction to the paper. And wow! I know I shouldn’t be surprised about anything in Nigeria anymore, but I was shaken. The same government that empowered the committee turned up to say the report was “speculations and assumptions”. Mr. Governor, clap for yourself! Na you be actor, na you still be boss.



If he had stopped there, we may have made noise and just focused on more important things. But no. The man announced a “Peace Walk”. He said it would help foster peace, justice and other nice things in the state.



I couldn’t believe it.



To make matters worse, Mr. Governor invited protest frontrunners – Falz and Mr. Macaroni – to join him on his “Peace Walk”. Of course, they both declined his invite, but I had to applaud his audacity. What in the executive order made him think it was okay to set himself up in public like that? Is this governance thing a child’s play?



Ah, I forget.



Mr. Governor, oya clap for yourself - Ella Temisan




Politics in Lagos and Nigeria is a shameless game. And Mr. Governor has shown us that he has none to boast of.




If he did, he wouldn’t authorise a rebuttal of his panel’s report. If he had shame, he wouldn’t have bothered with pushing his version of the Lekki Massacre story. He would have focused on attempting to repair the damage done.




If he had any shame, Mr. Governor won’t have called for something as lame as a Peace Walk. And he especially won’t have allowed a video of him dancing in a crowd with the caption; “We will never walk alone! We will walk together for the peace and progress of our dear state” go live on Instagram.



But he and all those people surrounding him don’t have shame.



Mr. Governor, clap for yourself o. Well done.

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