Mr Macaroni: Government has failed its people’

Mr Macaroni: Government has failed its people’

Debo Adebayo better known as Mr Macaroni has stated that the Nigerian government has failed its people.


Mr Macaroni is reacting to the current state of the nation.


In a tweet, the comedian blasted Nigerian leaders, stating that they have failed woefully in protecting the lives of citizens.

He wrote;

‘The Nigerian Government has failed woefully in protecting the lives of the people.

As irresponsible as they are, they use the Same Police responsible for the safety of Nigerians to oppress Nigerians.

We don’t have Leaders. We have Tyrants in government!!!”


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A couple of days ago, Macaroni revealed that he is not prepared to stop fighting; for equality and equity in this part of the world.


Taking to Twitter, he wrote;

Anytime I go out and I see Nigerians getting harassed by men in uniform; I stop my car; get down and stand in solidarity.

Please let us develop the attitude of standing up for one another.

The government has failed us. We are all we have“, he wrote.

“I have been touched bro! Physically; mentally, psychologically and in every other way you can imagine!! But here I am still standing! I would rather die fighting than live in fear of people that ought to protect us. If we can look out for one another, the better for all of us“, he added.


Also, the social media content creator has admonished Nigerian youths to anticipate the 2023 election; and become more than mere onlookers.

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