Mr Macaroni opens up on rumored relationship with Mummy Wa

Mr Macaroni opens up on rumored relationship with Mummy Wa

Popular Nigerian comedian, Debo Adedayo a.k.a Mr Macaroni, has made U-turn on his earlier claim that he got married to Mummy Wa. Recall that the skit maker had recently triggered massive reactions with effect to that notion; after he announced that he was engaged to Mummy Wa, whose real name is Kemi Ikuseedun.


Most confusing were the wedding photos he released on his social media channels. But in a Twitter post on Tuesday, which happens to be his 29th birthday, Mr Macaroni said he is not married.

He also appreciated those who celebrated him on his birthday.



“Thank you all for your kind messages. 29 feels good! Confession: I’m not married ooo,” he wrote in the terse post. Nonetheless, a source cited by several reports said the wedding pictures were for a promotional campaign and not a skit.


Nollywood actor as well as presidential aspirant Yul Edochie has been mocked as he goes on a giveaway spree; amidst his second wife drama on social media. This comes a few days after Yul Edochie officially declared his interest to run for the office of the presidency; begging Nigerians to unite and buy him the form.

Amidst backslashes, Yul Edochie took to his Instagram page to embark on a giveaway spree to his fans and followers.

Some of the bank alerts on his page showed that Yul Edochie gave some of his fans ten thousand to twenty thousand Naira.

Some netizens knocked him over the giveaway spree describing it as bribery; and a means to shut up his critics following the criticisms online.

Other social media users also advised him to save up the money for his presidential ambition and the upkeep of his new baby.

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