Mr Macaroni: “Why I declined meeting with VP Osinbajo”

Mr Macaroni: “Why I declined meeting with VP Osinbajo”

Nigerian comedian and social media sensation, Debo Adedayo better known as Mr Macaroni has disclosed the reason he declined the offer to visit Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

A delegation of young Nigerian (comedy) skit industry practitioners met with the vice president at the Presidential Villa Abuja on Wednesday.

This generated a lot of controversies online; which also led some displeased Nigerian youths to drag the likes of Taaooma, Josh2funny; as well as Woli Agba, Mr Hyenana and others present at the meeting. 

In a lengthy post on the microblogging platform, Twitter; Mr. Macaroni explained that the reason he declined the offer to visit the presidency is that as a citizen; he’s very unhappy with the leaders; adding that he does not want to be associated with them. 


He also noted that there’s no such thing as the Association of Skit Makers in Nigeria; admonishing young people to not crucify those who honored the request to see the presidency; as he believes those who went there demanded better governance and leadership. 

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However, he pointed out that the government’s sudden interest in the youths was for personal gains as it is election season. He noted that he’s neither a hero or saint, but a concerned citizen who wants a better nation; not just for himself but for every other Nigerian. 

He pledged to continue to use his voice, craft and platform to call out injustice and bad governance; noting that even though, he has been greatly prosecuted for it, he won’t stop; knowing how positively it has affected the people around him. 


Comedian Mr. Macaroni, amongst others played key roles in demanding the end of police brutality and bad governance in the country. He was a strong advocate for the #EndSARS movement.

The social media sensation aside from joining the protest, released a skit about the need for the police force to be reformed.

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