Murder-suicide: Jilted taxi driver hangs self after killing girlfriend in Ghana

Murder-suicide: Jilted taxi driver hangs self after killing girlfriend in Ghana

In a recent murder-suicide case in Ghana, a taxi driver killed his estranged partner after she ended their relationship.


Emmanuel Kwakye, the 45-year-old Ghanaian taxi driver was in a relationship with his alleged girlfriend, Georgina Lawini; which ended in tragedy. He also reportedly took his life; as well as that of the young lady as he couldn’t withstand losing her.


Kwakye’s lifeless body was found hanging on a tree at Bronyibima M.A. Basic school on Tuesday, September 22; while Sayel was also found dead in his room.


A development that fueled suspicion of him committing suicide; after killing his girlfriend of three years who ended their relationship.


The bodies were discovered after Kwakye’s friend filed a missing person complaint; with the University of Cape Coast’s police station, Ghana.



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It was gathered that a deep stab wound was found on Lamisi’s left rib with her bra; and dress also stained with blood. Further checks in the room revealed a kitchen knife with a blood stain on it.


1st News gathered from insiders that Kwakye and Lamisi dated for three years; and he also allegedly sponsored her tertiary education at the Ola College of Education in Cape Coast.


Upon completing her tertiary education; Lamisi ended their relationship and left Kwakye heartbroken.


It is speculated that the jilted man killed his girlfriend out of vengeance; as all effort to get her back was futile.


The incident has been ruled as a murder-suicide case by the police.


Equally important, a murder-suicide is an act in which an individual kills one or more people before (or while) killing themselves.


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