MURIC advises Yoruba Muslims to reject Christian candidates in future elections

MURIC advises Yoruba Muslims to reject Christian candidates in future elections

The Islamic advocacy group, Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has urged Yoruba Muslims not to vote for Christian candidates in the upcoming elections in 2023.

This was contained in a statement issued by the MURIC Director, Ishaq Akintola on Monday, October 25.

According to Akintola, since 1960, no Yoruba Muslim has ever occupied the State House either as President or Vice President.

The MURIC Director also threatened that it would not support any political party that fails to recognise the candidacy of a Muslim from the South-West.

He then advised political parties and political aspirants to heed the call by the group to include Yoruba Muslims in their strategies for the election.

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MURIC said, “As public discourse in Nigeria zeroes in on the 2023 presidential election, we see the need for us to reiterate our position on the need for a Yoruba Muslim presidential candidate from the South-West. This we find necessary in view of the proclivity of Nigerians for mass amnesia.

“First, it is imperative that we remind Nigerians; that this is not the first time that MURIC is making a case for a Yoruba Muslim president. In fact, it is the fourth time and we have the record.

“It has been persecution and stigmatisation galore for Yoruba Muslims since independence. They are denied almost all civil liberties. Admission seekers who are Muslims are denied attractive courses in tertiary institutions. It is easier for an elephant to pass through a needle’s eye than for a Yoruba Muslim graduate to secure employment. Yoruba Muslims are marginalised in political appointments.

“It is our belief that Yoruba Muslims need federal might to eliminate; or at least scale down the tornado of oppression; and the Tsunami of anti-Muslim sentiment that pervades the South-West. Only a Yoruba Muslim president who knows what has been happening can do this effectively. Who feels it knows it.

“Again, it is important to state that this is not a categorical statement for the rejection of a Christian presidential candidate in Nigeria. This statement is on the South-West alone. We have no objection to a Christian from any other part of Nigeria emerging as the presidential candidate. What we are saying is that a Muslim should be picked if the 2023 presidential candidature is zoned to the South-West by any political party.

“For the avoidance of doubt, MURIC has no favourite political party in this affair. Any political party that picks a Yoruba Christian; as its presidential candidate come 2023 should simply kiss Yoruba Muslim votes goodbye. No political party should tell us that they cannot find competent Yoruba Muslims.”


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