MURIC slams ex-Govs: Let your successors govern in peace

MURIC slams ex-Govs: Let your successors govern in peace

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) on Tuesday, October 19, urged former governors to stop fighting against their successors.

While urging the ex-governors to allow their successors to rule in peace, the MURIC urged Nigerian politicians to refrain from do-or-die politics.

The MURIC made this known in its Maolud-an-Nabiyy message signed by its Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola in Lagos.

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Akintola said, “We seize the opportunity of this august occasion to appeal to Nigerian politicians to eschew ‘do or die’ politics. The body language of our politicians in recent times is not encouraging, particularly after the recent party congresses held all over the country. Desperation, greed, and avarice are still boldly written on the foreheads of our politicians.

“It cuts across the political parties. Parallel congresses are held in almost all of the states and in almost all the parties. The exercise so far manifests gross desertification of the spirit of sportsmanship, statesmanship, patriotism, and sacrifice.

“Why are ex-governors breathing down the necks of sitting governors? Where is the spirit of living and letting live? What did the ex-governors forget in the statehouses? Whatever achievement or failure registered during the tenure of a former governor is his own story and scorecard.

“No ex-governor has the right to take more than one ‘last look at the Moor’. Cast your last look at the government house as you pack your belongings out of it at the end of your tenure; and wish your successor well. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case as most of our ex-governors fight tooth and nail; to retain control of the political architecture of the states.

“Worse still, gunmen are hired to disrupt political gatherings. The fact that our politicians still believe in thuggery and hooliganism as a means of settling scores and achieving their political ambitions indicates that we are still playing Stone Age politics.”

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