Musings: Stupidity has changed the world

Musings: Stupidity has changed the world

Increasing levels of stupidity within a generation of narcissists is a double-edged sword.

As a young man, I was taught a noble concept, that ingenuity, perseverance and integrity could change the world.

Now I’ve begun to have a different perception of the world around me.

I often feel that I’m increasingly drowning in a world riddled with people; people who take pride in their latent stupidity (for the lack of a better term).

Just recently, some rapists were bailed by their father with a popular blogger, Linda Ikeji reporting about the criminal incident.

The story can be gleaned from the following tweet:

In a twisted turn of events, Ikeji pulled the post from her website.  Ikeji later put the story back up; but not after a lot of excoriation from people on social media.

If criticizing Ikeji for her hypocrisy (I can’t begin to list her misdemeanours) gladdens my heart that our generation is finally taking a stance by standing on the side of morality, what happened next really spun my head.

Whilst accusations and counter-accusations were bandied by the different divides, a popular rapper, Falz was dragged into the argument by Twitter ‘feminists’ (note the quotation marks). They felt he should have spoken out against the crime.

I wonder where these feminists were when Falz dropped his recent album ‘Moral Instruction’.  The album spoke against societal ills.

Falz is a moral voice amongst the youth

My guess is: stupidity walks together with hypocrisy for these virtual celebrities; but not them alone, also with their sheepish followers who gobble up their every tweet.

Now I’m sure that many before have shared this haunting notion. But something scares me as I watch people scramble over each other to catch a glimpse of Bobrisky. It is the fact stupid people are changing the world as we know it.

No longer revered are the great thinkers of this modern age. They include the scientists, poets, and artistes (unless you consider Zlatan Ibile to be an artist).

It must be the seventh sign of the apocalypse.

Now, we must ask ourselves, what exactly confirms stupidity?

Well in dictionary terms, stupidity is a behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement; foolishness, brainlessness.

Considering topical events in the world, there appears to be an epidemic of this phenomenon in this new millennium; in fact, a global crisis if you will.

Now, granted, stupid is a pretty widely used term.

I suppose that many would make the argument that it is indeed ignorance; not stupidity that is at fault for the idiocy we face on a daily basis on television. Even as well as in our every day lives.

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They may be right, but stupid just feels better.

So for the purposes of this idea of mine, I’ll just stick with it.

You might ask yourself: where could I find common examples of stupidity besides social media?

Well, believe it or not, folks, stupidity surrounds you and affects you every day.

The next time you find yourself battling with the childproof (and quite adult-proof) cap on a bottle of aspirin, you can thank the countless stupid parents who didn’t see fit to place their medications in a place their children could not reach or find.

Or perhaps when you notice that your gas cylinder reads, “Caution, Content is inflammable”, you may ponder just how foolish one would have to be to assume for even a moment that a full gas of cylinder would be anything but inflammable.

But, alas, there are apparently enough people who do not understand the concept of inflammability. So much so that it necessitates a warning label.

Truthfully, many of these exceedingly retarded safety precautions are more directly related to liability issues.

A prime example is the thousands of smokers who believe (stupidly, of course) that they should be paid millions of dollars for their pain.

An Oregon man’s family was recently awarded 81 million dollars. Only for his forty-plus years of smoking Marlboros; and subsequent death from lung cancer.

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So, frighteningly enough, it looks like stupidity infects the judiciary too.

Stupidity has not only left its mark on the things many might find inane and inconsequential, but it has also worked its way into the highest levels of government.

The poster child for governmental stupidity is (of course) our president and his retinue of aides who parrot hackneyed scripts to an equally stupid populace, sections of which defends the administration with their lives.

Any man who holds on to his constant unwillingness to yield to a higher logic (in lieu of his own failing policies) must be branded as being undeniably and unflinchingly stupid.

In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The test of first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function”.

And yet we cannot let President Muhammadu Buhari take full responsibility for the woes of a nation.

This is, after all, a country that turned out in greater numbers to vote for Miracle, the winner of the Big Brother Naija show. They voted for him more than they ever voted for any Nigerian president.

So, what can be done to slay this beast we call stupidity?

Unfortunately, not a whole lot in immediate terms.

But I have grown quite fond of a notion that comedian George Carlin once dubbed “passive eugenics”.

For those who don’t know, eugenics was a movement in the early 1900s that proposed what was said to be the self-direction of human evolution.

What this meant (in its action) was the sterilization of anyone whom the government deemed unfit for reproduction (deaf, blind, mentally handicapped, etc.).

Now, this is, of course, a brutal tactic that is inherently immoral, and I would never suggest such a course of action.

Passive eugenics, however, is a much simpler and less intrusive method of moving the human race along in a better direction.

It simply advocates survival of the fittest; those who aren’t intelligent enough to place stock in their own survival (like smokers) simply do not survive.

And how can this be accomplished? Well, to put it clearly: stop saving the stupid people from themselves.

Get rid of the helmet and seat-belt laws, the warning labels on every product we buy, and the over-the-top safety precautions we have become accustomed to in this country. And most likely around the world.

Let the fools drown, drink bleach, electrocute themselves, or drive their motorcycles into walls helmet-less and the world will thank them for it.

As Carlin put it “The kid who swallows the most marbles doesn’t get to grow up and have kids of his own”.

I believe that as the accident rates in this country would increase, so would the numbers of stupid people decrease.

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  1. Najeem Oyeyemi

    I wish I can discourage your so called soft measure but I have no clue on how best to rid the world of the disease!

    Nice article buddy!

  2. Fatso

    Excellent, excellent article. This is exactly the way i see things too concerning the worrying levels & waves of stupidity that has engulfed the world today. Thank you for this!


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