Musings: Too much texting causes fractures in relationships — stop overanalysing his messages

Musings: Too much texting causes fractures in relationships — stop overanalysing his messages

Practically everyone knows the type of insane energy coupled with numerous romantic texting that guys commence a relationship with, especially during the wooing stage.

Newsflash: Guys resort to texting hard in the beginning so don’t use that as a yardstick to measure him against throughout the relationship.

We’d die of exhaustion if we were in a state of falling in love forever. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes he’s hot, sometimes he’s taking a break and recharging. He’ll always be back hot if you let him be.

You can’t expect a guy to be “on” 24/7. He has a life too, doesn’t he? Hopefully? And a job? That alone might be a good reason why texting reduces over time. Life gets in the way.

Who has the time to engage in texting 24/7? You say it only takes a few seconds to respond? No, it can actually take all day if we need to respond around the clock to someone like you who’s addicted to their phone!

Maybe you should get a life, yourself. Stop staring at your phone. Stop checking to see if he’s online; gotten your email; posted on Instagram.

Stop expecting him to drop everything and respond to your texting just because he’s online and busy doing other things.

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He doesn’t need to babysit you, or you him. He can do whatever he likes in his own time. Imagine how you’d feel if you had a parole officer monitoring your every move and telling you what to do with your own time.

And stop being so hands-on with texting. If he takes his time to respond to your text it’s because he needs to pace your text-flooding. That’s what I’d do with someone who expects to chat all day.

When you feel the urge to text him, it’s not because you want to talk about something important (Ohhh it’s cold today, hope you’re ok!) but more likely, you want him to give you attention, and you’ll be disappointed when his response doesn’t show that.

You won’t be happy with just a “Thank you, and you, too” response, will you? You want him to woo you. That’s the problem.

When you have no expectations it isn’t a big deal to tell him to have a great day. You let it go and don’t wonder if he’ll carry on the conversation all day.

Believe in yourself and trust in the process. The less you care, the better the results are. He’s a mere mortal. Stop wondering what his texts mean.

Sometimes he’s busy, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten you. Give him the chance to miss you, wonder about you, and step up his game.

If he falls off the face of the earth and ghosts you, thank him for weeding himself out of the running. What’s more heartbreaking than chasing a lukewarm guy for a relationship?

If you have to wonder what his text messages mean, chances are, they don’t mean much of anything.


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