My Aunt died and I blame COVID-19 for it – Ella Temisan

My Aunt died and I blame COVID-19 for it – Ella Temisan


I suspect COVID-19 was responsible for the death of my Aunt.


But the official report says it is malaria. I still don’t understand it. What kind of malaria is so strong that it was enough to take out a virile woman of 42?


My Aunty Jiggi? Could it be same malaria that we are so in bed with, we routinely chew tablets of Lonart every three months? Or is it malaria that our bodies have become so used to; it recovers from it without the aid of medicine? That malaria? Is that what they said took out my Aunty? I don’t believe it!


The problem with clinging firmly to my kind of disbelief is that I’m hanging on to vibes and speculations. I’m still understandably emotional. But I think my little knowledge of this pandemic allows me to speculate with authority.


Also, this is my Aunty Jiggi. Ordinary malaria is not enough to bottle the whirlwind that she was.


If COVID-19 actually caused her death though, I’ll be very sad. I thought I was doing a fantastic job of making sure my family did all the right safety things. But if it was COVID-19, how would we know? This woman did not test herself for the virus at any point. She probably decided the cost of the test was too expensive and seeing a General Practitioner was easier and more affordable.

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Also, she was not diligent with protective measures either, as most of us are. She was just a lively woman with three kids; one who loved God and dedicated her life to His service. Now, she is gone to be with him. Folks, I’m pained.



My Aunt died and I blame COVID-19 for it - Ella Temisan




I hate it when people just die. Good people who have no business not being on earth to spread their goodness, love and cheer about. I simply hate it. My aunty had the biggest laughter. She was always ready to share a joke about any and everything. She was a light and the life of the family. She didn’t have to go like this…I hate that there was nothing we could do.


But if I am right and the COVID-19 virus presented itself as malaria; while breaking her down little by little from the inside, then we have a lot to fear. I’m telling you that my Aunty was an active woman in every way. She didn’t have any of those “pre-existing conditions” they keep talking about at WHO. She was a fine, happy woman. Also, she was as healthy as possible yet, she is gone.


I read a tweet in which Africans were advised to mask up because the new variant of the Coronavirus killed more Africans than not. I won’t promote conspiracy. I will just ask again, that you be careful.


Mask up, wash your hands and stay safe. We can survive this.

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