‘My husband is addicted to my breast milk’

‘My husband is addicted to my breast milk’


A Nigerian woman has exposed her husband who is fond of stealing the breast milk stored for her newborn baby.


On a daily basis, there are always shocking narratives that surface on social media. In recent news, a mother of one has reported her husband to popular relationship blogger, Joro Olomofin because he is addicted to her breast milk.


According to the story that surfaced online, the milk ought to serve as a source of nutrient to her infant, however, her husband consumes it to satisfy his thirst. She mentioned that he gulps the entire produce preserved in the feeding bottle.


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He has been secretly stealing it and replacing the contents stored in a refrigerator.


The gist has got people laughing online. Another man has come out to say he also loves taking the breastmilk of his wife.


Read both accounts below:



Below is another shocking revelation unveiled by a breast milk lover. According to the response given by the man, he claimed that the lady’s husband is her ‘baby‘ as well thus he deserves the milk.


The man humorously stated that his own wife divides the breast milk portion into two parts. He also revealed that he prefers his milk steamy and sizzling hot.


The anonymous staunch breast milk consumer also mentioned to women that men need to be loved as well.


Read his version below.



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