STRANGERS AND LOVERS: My movie night with Didi

STRANGERS AND LOVERS: My movie night with Didi

I had a bit of a thing for this girl Didi for over a year back in school. I would not be excessive and say that she put rainbows in my clouds. But if I would think about those anyway, then it pretty much describes the effect.

She was tall and pretty and spoke with the eloquence of any excellently educated young woman. I used to speak to her whenever I could.

Nothing deep. Nothing serious.

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I’d help her with her assignments, as well as sit next to her on the bus. The typical teenage romance crap.

Didi and I both had a liking for select, wonderful movies. We even had favourite actors in common. Sometimes, we would talk about movies for hours without end.

So, for her birthday, I got two tickets to see Bumblebee, which was an offshoot of Transformers, which we both loved to death, which we had in fact talked about on and on. I put the tickets as an extra in her gift card and wrote some crap about looking forward to taking her.

It was all clear in my head how the day was to play out; as well as how much fun we were going to have. Even all the other little things I secretly planned in her honour.

Her birthday came around, I gave her the card, watched her open it, got a hug and a massive thank you.

But that was about it.

I didn’t think too much of the lack of comments regarding the ‘asking out’ part.

Movie day eventually came by. I sent Didi an SMS asking when she wanted to get picked up.

However, she didn’t seem to understand what I meant; and as a matter of fact told me she was already on her way there with this other guy.

That was two years ago.

They have been dating now for two years.


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