Naira Marley is the reason you cannot have good things – Viola Okolie

Naira Marley is the reason you cannot have good things – Viola Okolie



Have you ever found yourself defending some actions you know in your inner man (and mind) were wrong but because of some weird affinity you feel with the person (s) involved – who may never even know you exist, you decided to keep quiet or speak tentatively?


How did you feel afterwards?


Like a jackass, right? Don’t you worry, I have been there too, so you are in good company.


See, much as we would all like to be of unimpeachable character, once in a while, our village people triumph over the forces of good, and distract us from the straight and narrow path we have headed or are currently plying.


But some other times too, we really need to consider posterity before we open our mouths to give opinions on any matter that may seem like we are one cherry short of a certified fruitcake, when we look back at the opinion years after.


Like this Naira Marley conundrum.





The young guy is supposedly an entertainer and an online personality that glamorizes Internet fraud. You know now – love rats who find some lonely American woman looking for love online, and prey on her insecurities to get a foot in the door.


Just that these ones are not interested in going to America. They just want her to keep sending all her money, pensions, bank loans, etc, until they are all washed out.


These ‘fast money boys’ also have a hidden stash of money for just about any human in the world, allegedly left in their care by an eccentric deceased relative who would want the entire process of transferring the money to the beneficiary shrouded in secrecy.


Again, lots and lots of money would need to move to the account of the fraudster to facilitate the release of the money.


The format is plenty but the end result is the same – sorrow, tears and blood at the end for the victim of the scam. Some of the victims have been known to turn suicidal at the realization that they have been scammed.


The usual claim is that, this is some sort of perverse payback for the years of colonialism and slave trade, but I ask: How?


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How does this even sound to those that parrot it?


We all are a generation of people suffering the effects of an era the whole world would love to forget. Sadly, forgetting about the ugly era would not erase the fact that those things happened.


The whole world is in the process of discussions, deliberations, reparations, trying to make amends for the atrocities of the slave trade era.


Then, some Nigerian criminals who do not even realize how their actions affect their country and innocent citizens as a whole, are trying to glamorize and justify Internet fraud and we should clap for them?


See, Internet fraud is one of the major reasons why globalization comes towards Nigeria, then curves around it to embrace Niger and Chad and continue on its way.


Amazon is the world’s largest online market place, but you cannot sell on it as a Nigerian; you are destined to be a perpetual consumer on that platform.




Internet fraud.



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There are dating sites like FilipinoCupid, LatinoLove, etc, that are dedicated to linking people from certain nationalities with Americans seeking love across borders. Guess which country is not allowed to play on dating sites? Just guess! Again, you Nigerian.


Why? Same old story.


PayPal is fast becoming the world’s biggest payment platform for goods and services, or maybe just to send small ‘chewing gum’ money to your family and friends. Very easy and convenient way to send and receive money in a matter of seconds.


Once again, guess which child is not allowed to play in that arena? If you guessed Nigerian, you guessed right.


You can only send money or pay for goods and services. You cannot receive money except you have a US verified account. That is not the same story people in Niger, Chad or Cotonou have to tell about using the platform.


Should we talk about how you are treated at airports or when you present large currency bills in shops and restaurants abroad?


How you are given the ‘extra special treatment’ as soon as you flash your green passport at any human in the world as a means of identification? Even people that have never left their countries, know Nigerians for two things: Internet fraud and love scams.



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So, I hear that everyone arrested alongside Naira Marley who was able to prove themselves innocent have been released to go their merry way; but incriminating evidence was found on Naira Marley’s personal laptop and for that reason, he is being prosecuted for what he allegedly is – an Internet fraudster.




And some of you are actually spending time, money and effort defending him.




Let’s do a small experiment please.


Go find a mirror.


Stand in front of it.


What do you see?


If you are defending Naira Marley and/or Internet fraud and you answered ‘jackass’, then congratulations. Your case is still redeemable.



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There is hope for you that you will not be a disgrace to your future generations.






Lilian Osigwe

Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer.
Lilian Osigwe

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