NASS workers protest non-payment of 22-month arrears

NASS workers protest non-payment of 22-month arrears

Protests by workers in the National Assembly (NASS) over wages and condition of service is becoming a perennial issue.

On Wednesday, April 28, Concerned Legislative Aides in the NASS staged a protest at the lobby of the National Assembly over 22 months of unpaid salary arrears.

The protest is the second in April.

Two weeks ago, the aides held a similar protest, however, they were promised by the Speaker of the House, Femi Gbajabiamila that the impasse will be resolved.

During the protest today, the protesters claimed the intervention by the Speaker failed to ensure payment of their money.

According to the coordinator of the protest, Zendis Prince said the group has been informed that the fund for payment of the arrears.

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He added that the Olatunji Ojo-led NASS management team is claiming that they do not they where the money is.

“Two weeks ago, we were here to protest the non-payment of our salary arrears. It is so sad and unfortunate that after 2weeks and we were addressed by the Speaker (Mr Gbajabiamila) who admitted that it is inexcusable to owe workers wages for 22months. We have it on good authority that these salary arrears were duly appropriated and released on the first line charge.

“Unfortunately, what the management of the National Assembly is that this money is no more there. What happened to the money that was released for this purpose? It is either this money has been embezzled or misappropriated.”

Meanwhile, the US Consulate General in Lagos, on Tuesday, April 27; issued a warning to its citizens to avoid Lagos due to “a notable increase in crime in Lagos.”

This was contained in a statement issued via the website of the USA Consulate General.

According to the statement, “reports of robberies/smash-and-grabs on the roads by armed men have increased significantly on both Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

“Typically, men on a motorcycle will follow a vehicle until it stops at a traffic light or intersection; then approach the vehicle, present a weapon, and rob the occupants.

“Although most of these incidents happen at night; the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos has received reports of robberies taking place during daylight hours.”

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