Nasty Blaq: “I want to cure depression with my skits”

Nasty Blaq: “I want to cure depression with my skits”

Talented Instagram comedian, Abisi Ezechukwu popularly known as Nasty Blaq, has revealed why he keeps creating comedy skit.

Taking to the insta-stories section of his official Instagram page, Nasty Blaq said sometimes he wonders why he still creates and churn out skits on social media; but he then he came to a realization that he wants to help people cure depression with laughter.

According to him, he is focused on curing depression; and helping people alleviate their mood; even though he can’t remove their pains completely.

Nasty Blaq wrote, “Sometimes I don’t even know why I create skits anymore; but I’m just focused on curing depression; even if I can’t totally remove the pain I will do my best.

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