National Disgrace: Nigerian prostitutes fight dirty in Turkey over ‘stolen destiny’ (Video)

National Disgrace: Nigerian prostitutes fight dirty in Turkey over ‘stolen destiny’ (Video)

Two Nigerian prostitutes based in Turkey have further brought shame to the nation when they engaged themselves in a messy fight with one accusing the other of stealing her destiny in the business.

In a viral video posted by Nigerian Camera on Facebook, one of the commercial sex workers identified as Joy, called out her colleague identified as Mary, saying that she stole her ‘star’ and that has made it impossible for her to get customers.

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In the video, Joy alleged that Mary has been stealing her ‘star’ which made it hard for her to get men to sleep with her for money.

The lady further noted that her own destiny has been used by the accused and anytime her colleague wears her cloth, she finds it hard to get a customer.

Joy also accused Mary of being a witch who is an Urhobo lady from Warri in Delta State who uses men’s destiny.

While the drama was ongoing, the accused lady tried to leave the room to avoid the embarrassment but was restrained by her colleagues who apparently wanted her to stay behind to counter the accusation.

Speaking in pidgin language, Joy is heard saying:

“Make una see dis girl. She dey use my star. Any man wey carry dis girl… make una look am well well… she dey use man destiny.

She use my own destiny too. Dis girl dey wear my cloth and when she wear am finish and I come wear am, no man wey dey call me.

Make una see dis small girl. Her name na Mary. Any man wey dey carry am, make una call Nigeria… make una call una family.

Any man wey don f**k dis girl, make una call una family o! She dey use people star. De girl na whinch… her mama na whinch…

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She no fit do me anything. Anything wey happen to me for Turkey, na she una go hold. My name na Joy. Make una see am o.

Her name na Mary, na Urhobo girl for Warri. Her mama get restaurant for Ikpoba Hill for Benin….”

Watch the video here:

Must watch ! Some people future wife’s

Must watch ! Some people future wife’s

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