NBC pledges to ensure success of TSTV as pay per view digital TV debuts Oct. 1

NBC pledges to ensure success of TSTV as pay per view digital TV debuts Oct. 1

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has pledged to give necessary support to TStv Africa as the indigenous digital satellite TV service begins full operation with pay per view model on Oct. 1.

The Acting Director-General of NBC, Prof. Armstrong Idachaba, made the promise on Monday, September 28, in Abuja when the management team of TStv paid him an official visit to inform him of the company‘s readiness to commence full operation across the country on Oct. 1.

1st News reports that TStv Africa is a wholly-owned Nigerian innovative multi-channel outfit which had
promised to operate a pay per view model for the benefit of Nigerians.

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Idachaba said: “We promise on our side that we will continue to support you.

“At this time, I think that the major issue confronting the PayTv sector is the area of giving Nigerians the option of deregulating purchasing capacity in terms of pay as you go concept.

“We believe this will give you the visibility if you remain committed to the idea.

“We welcome that option and wish that it serves as a stimulant and as the progressive index for other PayTv operators to adopt.

“Some of them have come up with a lot of excuses why pay per view is difficult; and why it is not doable.

“We want you to be the galvaniser to prove the naysayers wrong that this is doable in the interest of Nigerians.

“Once you begin and you make a success of it through increased subscription base; we are sure that others will be drawn into it as it happened in the telecommunication sector.”

Idachaba said NBC is committed to promoting local participation in the nation’s broadcasting industry; especially in the PayTv sector, to create jobs and provide diversity for Nigerians.

He acknowledged the challenges TStv had faced over the years and encouraged the company to remain focused.

“We are aware that it has been very challenging for you.

“All over the world dominant players will always want to remain in a dominant position.

”Those who want to survive will also have to take the courage to do so,” he said.

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