NCC reveals second trial for 5G on Thursday

NCC reveals second trial for 5G on Thursday

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stated that it is set for the second trial of 5G in Nigeria.

This was contained in its ‘Draft Consultation Document for Deployment of Fifth Generation (5G) Mobile Technology in Nigeria’, issued on Monday, November 29, which disclosed that six locations across the nation were selected for this trial.

According to the NCC, the trial which is scheduled to hold on Thursday is necessary in order to validate the national policy on 5G for the digital economy.

The commission added that the supervised trial would be conducted by Airtel Networks Limited and its Original Equipment Manufacturer on Thursday.

MTN Nigeria Communications had held the first 5G trial in Nigeria in 2019.

The locations included, Abuja, Calabar, Lagos, Kano, Abeokuta, and Ibadan.

According to the NCC, the key parameters it was looking out for included: Throughput, latency and jitter measurements; Co-channel interference impact on QoS; Handover performance between access points (as applicable); Type/models of 5G terminals used for the test; Types of services (voice, data, video, etc.) as well as; Health and safety (EMF radiation level).

Meanwhile, the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 says it is currently monitoring situations around the world concerning the newly mutated COVID-19 variant known as Omicron.

Mr Boss Mustapha, the Secretary to Federal Government (SGF) and Chairman of the PSC said in Abuja on Monday, November 29, that “as the director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO) just stated today, the emergence of the highly-mutated COVID-19 Omicron variant underlines just how perilous and precarious our situation is.

“South Africa and Botswana should be commended for detecting, sequencing and also reporting this variant, not penalised.

“​Nigerians and residents are therefore urged to get fully vaccinated; frequently tested; and also continue to strictly adhere to the non-pharmaceutical intervention measures; including physical distancing; proper wearing of face mask; ensure proper ventilation as well as hand hygiene.

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“However, the PSC is reviewing the situation around the world; and putting in place measures to curtail the impact of the variant on the country.”

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