Netflix unveils TikTok-style feature called ‘Fast Laughs’ to show funny clips

Netflix unveils TikTok-style feature called ‘Fast Laughs’ to show funny clips

Fast Laughs: TikTok has been giving major tech services a run for their money since the video music app gained traction among users. Instagram, for example, introduced Reels last year to let users create 15-second clips that they can share with their followers while YouTube unveiled Shorts a month later to take on TikTok.


Now, Netflix is dabbling in the same space as well. The video streaming service announced today the launch of Fast Laughs, a new feature that shows different short “funny” clips taken from Netflix’s comedy catalog. The goal is to give you a way to take a peek at a feed of videos without actually watching the entire movie or show.


The feature is only available on iOS for now and you can watch short clips from Murder Mystery, the Big Mouth series, and The Crew as well as stand-up shows from comedians such as Kevin Hart and Ali Wong. The clips play directly in the app, with an option to add a title to your list to watch at a later time if that movie or show piques your interest.

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What’s more notable about Fast Laughs is its glaring similarity to TikTok’s interface. You can scroll videos vertically as well as share clips on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. There’s also a progress bar at the bottom just like the one you see when watching TikTok clips.


The feature can be accessed by tapping on the Fast Laughs tab in Netflix’s navigation menu at the bottom. In the future, the company will test the feature on Android.

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