Trump bet against science, new tapes reveal

Trump bet against science, new tapes reveal

The failed bet laid by President Donald Trump to ignore science and prioritize his political goals early in the pandemic; revealed Wednesday in fresh detail by new Jared Kushner tapes; is backfiring in devastating fashion at the critical moment of his reelection bid.


Dark warnings by scientists and new data showing a nationwide explosion in a virus Trump says is going away crashing stock markets; and real-time examples of the White House’s delusions about its failed response; are consuming the President as tens of millions of early voters cast judgment.
Democratic nominee Joe Biden, leading in the polls with five days of campaigning to go is accusing the administration of surrendering to the virus; and offering to shoulder the nation’s grief in the grim months to come.

The extent to which the country’s worsening trajectory has overtaken the final days of the campaign emphasizes how the election has become a personal referendum; on Trump and how he mishandled the worst domestic crisis in decades.

The roots of his current difficulties were bedded down months ago.

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“Trump’s now back in charge. It’s not the doctors;” the first son-in-law as well as White House adviser Kushner said back in April in tapes of interviews with Bob Woodward, obtained by CNN.
To win next Tuesday, the President will have to convince sufficient Americans to build an Electoral College majority.
His populist anti-Washington message cultural themes; hardline “law and order” rhetoric and also claimed expertise in rebuilding the ravaged economy are; more important than his botched choices on a pandemic that is getting worse every day.









Source: CNN

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