Nigeria Air is by faith not by sight- Viola Okolie

Nigeria Air is by faith not by sight- Viola Okolie

Somebody praise thy rod?

You see ehn, in Nigeria, we trust religion and things of the supernatural more than we trust a government and people that we can see.

For instance, if two people present a contract to you. Yes, YOU reading this, stop looking around to see who I am referring to, na you I dey tell.


So, if two people presented a contract to you and one of them had slides, projections, figures, graphs, diagrams (in the third angle projections), cost benefit analysis, market sensitization analysis, risk analysis and all sorts of analysis to prove that he can deliver on the job; and the second person starts by titling himself Pastor (or Evangelist, or Prophet or Bishop) whatever, and then proceeds to deliver hot air punctuated with Bible verses and “thus says thy rods” all over – proving nothing with all he says other than he claims to be a good Christian; look inside your church mind and tell me which of them you plan to give the contract to?

You and I both know that the “man of god” is going to receive the dubious honour of the right of first refusal, and we will find ways to justify it.

“Oh, he is a man of god, he will not disappoint me”.

“Oh, he is a true Christian, he will not fail me”.

“Oh, he is wearing the three quarter trousers of the hard core muslim fanatics and has an unkempt beard and is wearing a small cap perched precariously on the middle of his skull, he cannot cheat me”.

That is how we are with religion and the supernatural and this is the reason why in spite of the fact that people are being urged to sow seeds of $1,000 to secure the “virginity until wedding night” hymens of their daughters; we still have people who are playing Voltron and rising in defence of their favourite god(dess) of men.

Of course, in fairness to these people who perform all sorts of wonders primarily concerned with the disappearance of the small money the poor masses have from their pockets, and the reappearance of same in their private jet, exotic holiday destination, and international private school childrens’ education fund of these pastor-preneurs – they do not have a gun held to those who donate so freely to them.

They simply employ the gift of the gab, and the purse strings are flung open and someone who is on a salary of N50,000 a month, will be encouraged to sew a “sacrificial seed” of 90% of that meager income, into the accounts of someone who has no known source of income, but considers travelling by anything short of private jet, an insult on his personality.

Ndi “small girl, big god” on a kentro level.

So, back to the matter at hand, we are a people who trust the supernatural more than we trust human beings and our government. Matter of fact, this same government knows that we trust God more than we trust them that is why when Fulani Herdsmen are rampaging and killing citizens, the same government that sent in armoured tanks to shoot at unarmed civilians wielding tracts and bibles in the South East, would advice the nation to “pray for God’s intervention”.

President’s advice to the unarmed citizens who are being killed in their hundreds by armed marauders (whom this same President claims are foreigners) – pray.

Vice president’s advice in the face of the same circumstances – join us in fasting and praying.

Lai Mohammed’s advice – … erm, who has seen that one of recent times? Seems like he has gone underground?

Anyway, back to the matter again. You believe so much in the supernatural, in miracles and in “claiming things by faith”; much more than you believe in putting in the effort required to realise your miracle and “showing your workings” for any expected result?

Why then are you worried by a government that is operating by faith and not by sight?

The same you, would go and buy keyholder – some of you do not even buy, you collect keyholders at weddings and events – and rush out to the altars of your favourite man of god, to claim your “miracle car” by faith. This you do, even when you do not have money to give a “forkanizer” to pump air in the tyre of your imaginary vehicle should it suddenly appear in front of your house overnight.

Some of you women actually go and buy wedding gowns and hang them in your closets, and buy wedding rings which you place on your fingers when it is time to pray. All as a “point of contact” through which your expected miracle of a husband (men are still scum o, but body no be wood) will materialize at the appointed time.

Yet some other women, fold up clothes and create a fake baby bump which they carry around as an expression of their faith. Recently, a woman trended on social media for stealing pictures of other people’s children and making updates that gave the impression that they were her own children. When one of the mothers whose children’s pictures were being used raised an alarm, a scary number of vocal and educated Nigerians with access to the internet, cursed out anybody who tried to tell them that stealing another person’s children and posing with them as yours was not an expression of faith, but outright identity theft and virtual kidnapping.

Why am I recounting all this?

Our government is operating by faith. Anyhow wey e be, dem sha don buy logo for the proposed National Carrier, and are using it as a point of contact to tap into the aircrafts they are hoping the “god of suddenly” will suddenly dash them like manna from heaven.

Thunder fire anybody asking where the aircrafts are, you are obviously not a very religious Nigerian.

Also double thunder strike anyone insinuating that this is being done ahead of the 2019 general elections to try to persuade people to continue to vote Mpa Nnukwu, The Unaware.

You are all just “wailing wailers” who have refused to heal from the electoral loss your Jonathan suffered at the 2015 elections and want to continue to oppose this government, just for the sake of opposition.

Buhari will be your president till 2023, live with it!

If e vex you, just close your eyes and imagine yourself on the imaginary Nigerian Air flight to  nowhere.

Las, las, you will be fine!

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Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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