Nigeria jaga jaga, scatter scatter – Peju Akande

Nigeria jaga jaga, scatter scatter – Peju Akande


Eedris Abdulkareem is trending again, but this piece isn’t solely about the musician who’s just surfaced after a hiatus of several years in Nigeria.


This isn’t even about his current beef with Festus Keyamo, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment.


However, if you’ve seen the way both of them were spitting into each other’s eyes online in the last few days; you’ll understand where the jaga jaga is coming from.


Why the beef?


Eedris threw the first salvo when he released Jagajaga Reloaded, the remix of his 2004 effort by the same title. In the song, Eedris called out the Minister, accusing him of something.


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Nigeria jaga jaga, everything scatter scatter – Peju Akande




A grave accusation. He said, “Where Festus Keyamo sef? He don dey chop with cabal o”.



Festus Keyamo was vexed. He’s never been known to back out of any fight, no matter how petty or audacious it is. Festus went straight for the jugular. He spilled the beans and with evidence, too. He said the reason for Eedris’ beef began in 2018 when Eedris came begging to be included among artistes waxing songs in support of Buhari…for a fee, of course.



Keyamo, who was in charge of that beat, had told Eedris he had no budget for it.



Keyamo was reported to have said, “I explained that my job was voluntary. It was the same thing I told so many other so-called activists-by-day-and-hustlers-at-night who secretly approached me. He then switched to the fact that he wanted a loan to pay for his hotel bills to the tune of N1.3 m & to cater for his ‘sick mum’.



Equally important, Festus Keyamo released text message evidence to support his claims.



Well, I think Festus has a right to refuse to help. The money is his, after all. Nothing binds him to help but when he came out to show us, aka the world, the text messages between him and Eedris, we began to divide the blame.



‘‘Uncle Festus, why you spill all the ewa agoin in the sand?’’



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Blame him or not, this is the world we live in today. Whatever you do today may come back to bite you in the arse tomorrow. This is the era of no filter. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is off limits. So, if for instance, you know you’re going to go begging someone for help; better not have it written or recorded because that stuff will be used against you someday.



Nigeria jaga jaga, everything scatter scatter – Peju Akande



That’s the lesson Eedris is learning today.


Same lesson Madam Ezekwesili is having to learn with Omojuwa. We’ve all seen how he’s dragging Sisi Oby all over Twitter. We don’t even know the real ties that bind them. We are left wondering after all the back and forth from both of them, “…the way this boy is going, maybe he would soon tell us he has seen aunty’s pants” someone wrote.



We thank God that sort of beans wasn’t spilled after, all. Let’s hope the swords remain sheathed for the sake of peace in Nigeria.



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Back to what I was saying. We live in an era where everything you do may come back to bite you. You do good. You will meet it ahead of you in future. And if you do bad, it’s there waiting to hound you in future because there are witnesses. There are people recording you, following you, taking note of everything you do; sometimes we call it social media, sometimes we just call it the media.




Whatever name you call it, your tape is rolling.



See what happened to Meghan Markel. She said she never knew much about the royals until she got married to Harry. Vampires online said, “Nah, nah, you practically trolled the royal family for years before you even met Harry!” They even have evidence to back it up.  Much as we liked her before, things being thrown up about her is making us check again…”do I really want to support this woman?”



Leave Meghan. Let’s talk about Isa Ali Pantami and the recent revelations that took Nigeria by storm. Like the media have dubbed him, the “embattled” Minister of Communications and Digital Economy. He’s young, he’s the type of new breed of Nigerians we should be having in government…But he is tainted. He is garbed in terrorists’ robes.



Pantami didn’t realize he was being recorded; being watched years back when he was taking a stand for Al-Qaeda and the Taliban; in addition to –  some say – Boko Haram. Today his actions are catching up with him. He can’t deny what he did. His voice recordings are being shared and even if he claims today that he has since renounced his stand with terrorists’ groups, where is the proof?



What actions or activities has he engaged in to renounce his stand?



Nigeria jaga jaga, everything scatter scatter – Peju Akande



Pantami may have President Buhari to shield him from the vampires craving blood in Nigeria today. But his actions as a 34-year-old will catch up with him in a more accountable country. But you see, he lives in country where anything goes; where people will not account for deeds like these if they come from some part of the country or belong to a certain party. That country is called Nigeria…



This also goes for those hiding under the cloak of religion and politics; those sponsoring terrorists and insisting they are bandits; those benefitting from the pain and regression of the North. In fact, those who enjoy the jaga jaga going on; the insecurity in almost every part of Nigeria; terrorists killing students gbosa gbosa; ensuring schools are shut down…



One day, you will answer for your crimes.

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