Nigerian girls can no longer wear panties – Nkem Ndem

Nigerian girls can no longer wear panties  – Nkem Ndem

From an early age, the average Nigerian girl is conditioned to believe that the underwear is the first and most important piece of clothing, and with good reason.


They are also convinced that not wearing underwear is immodest and socially unacceptable.


The idea is that the underwear/panties protects her private area (especially her vulva from chafing while wearing hard clothing like jeans), keeps her outer clothes clean by absorbing vaginal discharges, acts as a safe layer inside the clothes thereby helping her avoid a vulgar look as well as aid her in containing feminine odours.

Even more, panties are pretty.

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Many styles feature ribbons, lace, and a variety of other style elements – and because of their aesthetics, panties are pleasant to look at – both for the person wearing them as well as anyone whom she’s intimate with.


This means that the average girl would agree that wearing a pantie makes her look romantic on a date when she and her partner are in an intimate atmosphere, so chances are she would wear them when hanging with a boo.

Unfortunately, some Nigerian men now seem to be exploiting this tendency of girls to wear pants.


And no, I don’t mean that they have found ingenious ways to relieve these girls of their pants. It appears that some of the men now lure these girls, solely for the purpose of stealing their panties from them.

And why on earth would any man want to do that, you might ask…apparently, the female underwear is now  hot cake for money rituals and prosperity spells.


A suspected “yahoo” boy who was apprehended a few days ago trying to steal female underwear in the Okpella area of Edo State actually confessed that he was introduced to a Hausa man by a mutual friend identified as “Collect” who revealed to him that the Hausa man disclosed that the new secret to getting rich quick, lies in ritual using ladies’ panties.

It may seem ridiculous, but in the last  four weeks, the cases of men apprehended for stealing female underwear a.k.a pant from unsuspecting victims has been remarkable.


The most sensational recently was the case of American model and dancer, Symba, who took to social media to narrate how her pant and that of her friend were stolen by a cleaner at a hotel, Villa Thirty Three in Lekki, Lagos. Here’s what she said a video message posted online: “A few days ago, I went to my friend’s hotel which is Villa Thirty Three in Lekki, my girlfriends are staying there and I was at the office for the whole day, so I decided to go by their place to shower. I showered and I ended up staying there. When I stayed there overnight, the next morning now, somebody cleans up before I woke up. Somebody cleans the room. I shower and I leave, I’m gone for the whole day and it’s like 8pm now the night after, and something keeps telling me, “Go to Gizel’s room!!”, “Go to Gizel’s room!!,” so I go upstairs now, and I knock on the door so I go and change in the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, no panties.”

After realizing her pant was missing, Symba asked her girlfriend about the missing panties but they had no satisfactory answers about the missing underwear. She then remembered how a male cleaner was moving around her room suspiciously while he cleaned up the room and forwarded her complaints to the hotel management.


She  insisted to the management that her panties was missing and she had a video of the last location (which wasn’t necessarily true)….and luckily, the cleaner  who was confronted about this admitted to actually seeing the panties, but claimed that he threw them away. Aware of the possibility of her pant being used for diabolic endeavors, Symba quickly instructed the cleaner to go fetch her panties from the trash can, no matter how long it would take him. Lo and behold,  in about seven minutes, the hotel cleaner later returned with two panties in a plastic bag. The other pantie belonged to her friend who didn’t take notice of her missing underwear.



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Not all girls have been as smart as Symba to recognize that their panties were missing and not all girls have been lucky either to retrieve their panties. Again, not all pant-thieves have been able to get away with their theft, ergo the reports on the news; and not all have been given the opportunity to right their wrong and return the stolen panties.


Basically, I have the following questions: Are Nigerians so poor and desperate now that they believe that they can attain riches with help of a girl’s pant?


Even more important, should Nigerian girls now stop wearing panties to avoid the chance of being used for money rituals or to avoid the chances of their destinies being stolen?


What do you think?

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