Nigerian lady narrates how parents abused her sexually

Nigerian lady narrates how parents abused her sexually

A young Nigerian lady has taken to the photosharing app, Instagram to narrate how she was physically and sexually assaulted by her parents.


Specifically, the Nigerian lady identified as Madam Praizzy on Instagram called out her parents for assaulting her. She mentioned that they treated her inhumanely.


Madam Prizzy identified her parents as Bishop Jude Nkemdilim Chukwumaife and Pastor Favor Agaezi Chukwumaife; whom she accused of abusing her sexually and physically.


Madam Praizzy who shared a video where she showed the injuries she sustained after allegedly being assaulted by her father. In her lengthy narration, she mentioned that her father often assaulted her and her siblings due to his inability to make anything worthwhile of himself.


Meanwhile, she also described her mother as a narcissist.



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Sharing the 5-minutes clip on YouTube, she exposed her parents by surreptitiously recording their cruel acts. In the video, her father could be heard requesting for sex from his daughter, while she repeatedly rebuffed him.


Watch the video shared by the Nigerian lady below.



Also, you can read her narration below.


”March 22nd I was born.

”2 years later, udochukwu was born Feb 22nd to the family of Bishop Jude Nkemdilim chukwumaife and pastor favor agaezi Chukwumaife/okoli.

”My father and my mother fight every day. In the morning we wake up to fight. As a child, I became a mother of four, and years later, I became the father; everyone looking on to me to provide needs.

”My dad beat her to stop keeping late nights and fucking men.

”She would run out of the house and prophets and maybe her mother would have to bring her back. She fucks multiple men and tells Udochukwu, Jude is not her father; that it’s some dead man called Chidi Ike.

”Jude is a former cultist, an angry man. He hits Favour a lot with all manner of things including pounding mortar, AKA, aká odo. He’s a frustrated man – he blames Favour and us his children for bringing him down. He exaggerates, he spreads so many made-up stories about how he’s failing. Meanwhile, he’s lazy and spends all day on Facebook without even showering (that’s how I learned social media and became a public figure).



Madam Praizzy reveals more tragic events in her life

“I got a serious beating for saying No to abuse.

I’m tired of this abuse Abeg. I ran for my life. On March 22nd my birthday I say No to the name chukwumaife.

My mother is a witch and my father is the king of wickedness.

And I no want.

I’m choosing a fresh start today.

Goodbye hell!”



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