Nigerian lady proposes to girlfriend in Edo State (Video)

Nigerian lady proposes to girlfriend in Edo State (Video)

A Nigerian lady has defied all odds as she proposed to her lesbian partner in Edo State.


The video has been making the rounds on social media since Friday, February 14. The Nigerian lady who is the king in the homosexual relationship went on her knees to seek her partner’s hands in marriage. Despite the conservative nature of Nigerians and the criminalization of homosexualism in this part of the world, the young lady aims to take her relationship to a whole new level.


The Nigerian lady who dressed in a male outfit is identified as Michelle Unukpo and her partner is Ama Talkless. The couple made their announcement on social media.


She also disclosed that her girlfriend who said “Yes” to her proposal, has been quite amazing since they got to know each other.


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Michell wrote;

‘She finally said Yes. The main people in your life is the once who know what makes happiness becomes a reality. Ama Talkless you have been amazing to me since I know you. I love you so much’


Nigerian lady proposes to her girlfriend in Edo State (video)

Nigerian lady proposes to her girlfriend in Edo State (video)


Here is the video below;


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Nigerian lady proposes to her girlfriend in Edo State

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A couple of months ago, 1st News reported that a lesbian shot her partner for cheating on her.


During their argument, Wallace threatened to bring another woman into their home so her wife could understand how it feels to be cheated on.


Wallace’s wife shot her in the vagina four times, four times in the leg, and three times in the stomach.


Airrion was in critical condition and underwent emergency surgery and two blood transfusions.


Narrating what happened, Wallace said:

 “I was telling her that we needed to get a divorce.

Because I can handle a lot of things but I can’t handle infidelity.

You made me uncomfortable at home, don’t be surprised if I have another female in here.

I don’t know why I said that, and she said ‘You want to play with me?’ And looked at me and pulled out a gun.”




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