Nigerian lady runs mad during Val’s Day proposal

Nigerian lady runs mad during Val’s Day proposal

A recent video of a Nigerian lady going insane after her partner proposed to her has been making the rounds on social media.


The young Nigerian lady caused a stir in Benin City, Edo State on Sunday, February 14; after she suddenly went berserk moments after her partner made the decision to propose to her. Onlookers were shocked and destabilized following the shocking display of the young lady.


The proposal quickly went from a heartwarming experience to a disheartening one after she ran insane.


An excited crowd had gathered after they saw her boyfriend go on one knee to propose to her only for them to witness something quite shocking.



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The young lady brought forward her finger for her man to slip the ring into it. However, just as he was about to do so, she immediately lost her cool and began acting strange.


Several onlookers presumed she lost her senses because of the way she was behaving.


1st News confirmed that the lady is currently receiving adequate medical attention as onlookers were quick to rush her away from the scene.



Watch the video in link below.


Since the video surfaced on social media, several users have aired their displeasure and reservations about public proposals. Some commenters frowned at public proposals due to the prying eyes of villainous people; while another coterie of people stated that the lady was probably attacked spiritually.


As a matter of fact, some commenters vehemently kicked against the concept of public proposal which has become prevalent in this part of the world.


1st News has gathered a cross-section of comments from concerned viewers. Read their various perspective below.





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