Nigerian lady: SARS officers raped me 2 years ago

Nigerian lady: SARS officers raped me 2 years ago

A Nigerian lady has taken to the microblogging site, Twitter to narrate how she was sexually assaulted by officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS.


The Nigerian lady stated that she was at a protest today that she’s joining the call to end SARS and its replacement SWAT because she’s been a victim; and also won’t wait for her children to go what she went through.


Chiatuiro Precious Chidera alleged she was raped by SARS two years ago after which they still extorted money from her.


She said she will not bring her daughter into a world where she could be raped by officers who should protect her, neither will she bring sons into a country where they can be easily killed.


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For this reason, she also says she will continue to protest.


Here is what she shared;


Holding a placard at the End SARS protest, she said;


“I was raped by this motherf**kers last two years.

“They extorted money from me too.

“What was my crime: I fresh. I fresh na crime?

“I cannot give birth to a daughter in this country make them no go rape my daughter tomorrow.

“Make them no go shoot my son tomorrow.

“Na people pikin them they dead for Lagos state. End SARS. End police brutality.”


Twitter users sent her messages of hope and she said she has “lived past it”.


Watch the video HERE.


Nigerians have shared stories of how members of SARS engaged in unlawful arrests; high-handedness; humiliation; as well as unlawful detention; and also extortion.


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