Nigerian man batters wife for giving children garri

Nigerian man batters wife for giving children garri

A Nigerian man has been arrested by police officers for allegedly beating up his wife for feeding his wife garri.


The Nigerian man identified as Onyedika Chibuike has been called out for allegedly beating his wife over food.

According to a source, the incident happened on Saturday, June 5, 2021; at their residence in Ajileye Street, Bariga, Lagos.


“The family had nothing to eat in the house except Garri with which she fed her children.

The husband, however, took offense and queried her for feeding the children with Garri.

He then went ahead to give her a severe beating resulting in the terrible injuries you can see in the video,” the source said.


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The source continued;

“This is not the first time the husband has vented such hideous anger on her.

In a previous incident, he almost set the lady ablaze by pouring fuel on her body; she narrowly escaped before he went to bring a lighter.

Her Husband is a malevolent bully and I call upon all well-meaning citizens to come to the aid of this woman before the unfortunate happens,” a source said.


A couple of days ago, a Nigerian father was arrested for allegedly assaulting his daughter after she refused his sexual advances.


The Nigerian father identified as Bamidele Aribanusi has been accused of brutalizing his 11-year-old daughter; for allegedly refusing his sexual advances in the Ketu area of Lagos State.


It was gathered that the 60-year-old retired driver attacked the minor with a wood filled with nails on Sunday, May 30; after he sent her on an errand and she went to the wrong shop.

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