Nigerian man dies after wife allegedly birthed brother’s child

Nigerian man dies after wife allegedly birthed brother’s child

A Nigerian man passed on moments after he discovered that his wife birthed the child of his younger brother.


A Nigerian Twitter user identified as @IsrealGerdadine made this known on the microblogging site.


She revealed that the incident took place in Lagos during the early hours of Sunday, May 30.


Gerdadine explained that the man who resides with his younger brother could not withstand the situation; hence, he dropped dead while he was at the hospital.


In her narration, she explained to her audience that the man resides with his brother in Lagos.


She further revealed that the late Nigerian man knows about the ongoing infidelity between his wife and his younger brother, however, he has been unable to address the situation due to his financial ineptitude.


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As a matter of fact, his younger brother vowed to help him with a business and make him buoyant once again; however, the deceased was heartbroken by the events unraveling in his personal life.


On Sunday morning, his wife delivered but he slumped at the hospital immediately he discovered his brother’s birthmark on his newborn baby.


Read the narration below.

My neighbor died of heart attack this morning.

He knew his wealthy younger bro is sleeping with his wife but kept calm because he’s living in younger Bro’s house and he also promised to help start a business 4 him.

Wife just gave birth to a baby boy with younger bro’s birth mark.”


The story has sparked a conversation on the microblogging site, Twitter.

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