Nigerian man murders brother over N3000 debt

Nigerian man murders brother over N3000 debt

A Nigerian man identified as Chukwuma Njoku has been picked up by police officers after he reportedly stabbed his brother, Uchenna Njoku, a businessman, to death during an argument over N3,000 debt.


The police in Lagos state have arrested a Nigerian man known as Chukwuma Njoku, for allegedly stabbing his brother, Uchenna Njoku,  at the deceased’s residence in the Odokekere area of Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.


According to reports, Chukwu had paid his older brother a visit last Friday, April 2. During the visit, the deceased asked his brother to pay the N3,000 he owed him.


However, this degenerated into an argument and later into a serious fight.


Please from the pregnant wife of the deceased for them to stop fighting, fell on deaf ears. She ran out to call the neighbours to stop them from fighting.


Sadly, before she returned, Chukwuma had brought out a knife and allegedly stabbed his sibling in the stomach.


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A relative of the brothers, Alex Ogbu said;

“It was in my house that Uchenna stayed when he first got to Lagos before he started his life.

What we gathered was that around 10pm on Friday, April 2, 2021; Chukwuma visited Uchenna to greet him and during the visit, Uchenna demanded the N3,000 Chukwuma owed him.

Uchenna insisted that Chukwuma would not leave his house until he had paid the money. So, they started arguing, but Chukwuma told Uchenna that he also owed him N2,000 and that his balance was N1,000.

In the process, they fought from Uchenna’s apartment till they got to the compound, where Chukwuma stabbed Uchenna in the stomach with a knife. Uchenna’s wife, who is pregnant, was with them when they were threatening to kill each other; she left to call a neighbour and returned to see that Chukwuma had stabbed Uchenna in the stomach. He fell to the ground and started bleeding.

Bloodstains are still at the scene of the fight.”

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