Nigerian man narrates how he was assaulted in Ibadan for ‘looking gay’

Nigerian man narrates how he was assaulted in Ibadan for ‘looking gay’

A Nigerian man has gone on social media to describe perhaps one of the worst days of his life.


In his narration, the young man mentioned that he was physically assaulted in Ibadan, Oyo State due to his physical appearance. According to the netizen with the Twitter username, @BodiLawFortune, he suffered abuse because he looked gay.


He mentioned that the event happened in Ibadan, Oyo State in a vehicle.


Narrating the awkward experience on Twitter, the young man revealed that he was abused primarily because Nigerians are homophobic and he was stigmatized due to his physical appearance.


He wrote;


‘I initially didn’t want to do this, but I think it’s necessary to save other people from unnecessary stigmatization. In Ibadan today, I was assaulted by a man and his girlfriend after they gave me a free ride.”




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The Nigerian man revealed that the assault was instigated by the lady he sat with in the vehicle.


Continue reading what he shared;


“I was at Elebu Market to see someone at a restaurant. Unfortunately for me, the fellow didn’t show up and I had just N50 with me which I used to buy water, hoping the person will show up. After waiting for like 2 hours, I decide to leave as they were already  looking at me 1kind

But since I didn’t have money, I decided to trek home. But what I thought was a blessing turn out to be a curse. I stopped a car with 3 occupants and asked them if they were heading towards Orita Challenge which was my next destination. The car stopped and I joined them.

There were 3 people, 2 men at front and a lady in the back. Some few minutes, I discovered that the lady is drunk and she was just saying rubbish to the man. I decide not to interfere cuz I was still pissed. All of a sudden, she just said ‘Oyinbo, will you marry me’

I said Nooo, Oga will vex. She said who’s Oga? I didn’t reply. Then all of a sudden her hand was going towards my manhood. My only crime was to say. Excuse me what are you doing. And I pushed her hand away. The next I heard was big blow on my head.”



In the latter part of his story, the young man revealed that the lady’s boyfriend also joined in the beating. He mentioned that the man in the vehicle also slapped his face.


He stated that he tried to scream for help but he was too scared to do so.


Here is what the Nigerian man said;


“I was terrified but decided not to shout. 

 I just said what did I do now? The man at the passenger side, that I think is her boyfriend, just looked back and slapped me. That why am I talking to his girlfriend like that. That I even look like gay and he will treat my fuck up.

It was at this moment that fear gripped me. I just started begging and all of a sudden the girl dragged my cloth by my neck and was pushing me back and forth. The only thing I could say was they should just drop me that I was sorry to enter their car.

The driver was asking them to leave me that he does not want trouble (I think he’s their friend) The guy asked him to stop the car where there are no much people passing. At that moment, we were close to New Garage, they just parked and I barely came down self when they zoom

I just thanked God to be alive. People around the area where looking at me like a mad man, but I wss just grateful they didn’t hurt me. It was at that moment my friend called me that’s he’s at Elebu Market. I took bike back there & he paid before heading home

Nigerians need to stop discriminating against people you don’t know. You can’t just assume I’m gay because I’m light in complexion or have female face. Did I create myself. I face same stigma during some modeling audition, which is bad

I’m traumatized but life just has to go on. I hope we can all learn to live together in peace and love.”


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