Nigerian man narrates how his mother was brutally murdered

Nigerian man narrates how his mother was brutally murdered

A Nigerian man who resides in Calabar, Cross Rivers State has taken to social media to narrate how his mother was brutally murdered.


The Nigerian man with the Twitter username, @Uti_XO revealed that his mother was physically assaulted and raped before she was strangled to death.


The distraught young man also suspects that the alleged murderers took away his mother’s vehicle, a 2016 Nissan Sentra, he revealed that the car is grey in colour.


He made this known on the social media platform, Twitter during the early hours of Thursday, April 15.


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The netizen has urged social media users and the general public to help him seek justice.


According to Uti who is a software Engineer, the incident took place in a housing estate in Calabar.


“My mother was murdered and I swear to God the people that did this will never go free,” the aggrieved wailer posted on Twitter.

He went on to ask for help on how he can track down the murderers.

“Please I need help in any way to follow up this case.

My mother was beaten and murdered in cold blood.

My heart will not rest until justice is found.

Please anyone that can help in achieving,” he continued.


The heartbroken young man shared graphic details on how his mother was murdered in her home.


He continued;

Please this happened in state housing estate Calabar in her house and in her room.

She was raped, beaten, strangled and had her wrist slit.

They took away some documents…

I don’t know how much.

They also stole my car from the compound”


He also revealed that his mother’s vehicle, a grey Nissan Sentra was stolen from their compound after the nefarious incident that played out.


Read the description below.

“If anyone has seen a grey Nissan Sentra 2016.

I’ll appreciate all the help I can get.

I’ll drop more details about the car in a bit.”

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