Nigerian man narrates how maid, female friend raped him at 5

Nigerian man narrates how maid, female friend raped him at 5

A Nigerian man has shared his experience of how a maid and a family friend raped him at a very tender age.


Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, the victim disclosed that he was raped at 5 by a maid, and at 10 by a female family friend.


He also took advantage of the platform to narrate how he was raped, introduced to porn and BDSM at age 13-16 by his mother’s friend.


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The story was shared in response to a tweet from a user @DrOlufunmilayo  which reads:


If all young boys under 15 years old were interviewed, and all men decide to openly talk about their childhood; it would be tears and pain.


Because many aunties, housemaids, female family friends, older female family members are all rapists, monsters, abusers and sex offenders.



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@samuelotigba tweeted in response:


Raped at age 5 by my maid. Sexually molested age 10 by a female family friend. Introduced to porn & BDSM age 13-16 by mother’s friend babysitting. My virginity was taken from me by force, hated women growing up, had PTSD which affected my confidence as a child.


“My cousin was also raped, saw my struggles, introduced me to a youth group called HYPE & guided me through the process of healing. #NotaVictim any longer. I understand empathy, love & forgiveness, “cause the worse kind of victim is one who makes victim of another.


“Was addicted to porn as a teen, worse coping mechanism ever. Imagine introduced to an energy you’ve no clue how to control, abuse was imminent. Days I’d cry to God in teens church asking for help Remember one day, mum asked ‘what happened to the sparks in your eyes?’


Finally gave her an answer last year, my mum cried so much, she blamed herself for everything, wish she never left us at home for church, how did she miss the signs? Explained she wasn’t to be blamed for others mistakes. NCF helped, Found God, got healed.


“I’m whole but sometimes the after effects of surviving abuse surface:


1. Sleep deprivation

2. Paranoid

3. Trust issues

4. Restlessness

5. Cut people off quickly

6. Depression

7. Hard to express emotions sometimes

8. Mood swings Relics of abuse will always be there.


“I see a lot of men saying ‘I enjoyed it’. That’s a coping mechanism bro, the damage is alive in your subconscious but you don’t know till you make victim of others. Why most men rape & why some men don’t value women except sexually motivated.”


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